L’épouvante, la surprise, l’envie, la béatitude, quelle balafre pour quelle mine ? Toutes ces affectations me deviennent étrangères. Je pourrais certes choisir d’afficher le flegme en toute circonstance, un fauve, l’abbé, Lisette, mais le paralytique qui opte pour l’impassibilité en rajoute un peu, j’exècre le cabotinage.



By Julia Ducournau.
Palme d’or, Cannes international film festival 2021
People’s Choice Midnight Madness Award at Toronto international film festival 2021

The agenda, Chain reactions

The agenda is that of the meeting of February 20, 1933, in which the German captains of industry accepted the political choices made by the government of Adolf Hitler.

Presented as one of the Five « Alone-on-stage » that marked 2020 in an article by Médiapart.
This show has obtained the ONDA and Institut Français labels.
Paintings by Minetto and Guillard.

Produced and distributed by PASSAGE PRODUCTION

Next dates:
Avignon Festival OFF, july 7-25, 2021 at 20h50, théâtre de la Reine Blanche.
Postponed to march 2022 : Théâtre de la Reine Blanche, Paris.
From november 3d to 13th 2021 : Bremen (Festival GLOBALE°), Kiel and Leipzig (Festival Euro-scene). Performed in german for the first time.
June 14th 2021 at 19h30, Fundamental Monodrama Festival.

Under the stars of paris

By Claus DREXEL,
released october 28th 2020 and back on the screens (may 19) !

The perfect man

By Xavier Durringer, release june 23th 2021.

Out of the world


Down in paris

Down in Paris
By Antony Hickling,
Best narrative feature, Reeling 2021, The Chicago LGBTQ+ International Film festival,
Official selection Tel Aviv International LGBT Film Festival 2021,
release september 22th 2021.

festival Côté Court

Dominique Frot confirms once more, this year, her investment in view of the official selection of films and pitches, and in a carte blanche in liaison with the chosen directors

Election ADAMI

Voting closes on June 28, 2021.
Add to the effectiveness of a link between institutional language and speech from the actor in play, Dominique Frot believes in it, and shoo! She represents herself!
Elected to represent ADAMI at the Cannes Film Festival and at the Angoulême Francophone Film Festival.