Camping Paradise

After shooting 5 seasons of a TV series 5 million audience,
a kind of surprise as a following… camping… Camping Paradis ?
Appointment with the 8th season of Camping Paradise: August 30, in prime time (8.55pm) on TF1, let’s go on with the summer, through a new episode « Family without parents », and a special mention to Inspector Mrs. Vernon …
Merci @kevadams de nous l’avoir prêtée pour un épisode

In 2017 … Dominique Frot on the large stage of the Nanterre-Amandiers Paris National Theatre in a play written by G. Feydeau.

Few years ago, you may have seen Dominique Frot in those films: Sarah’s key (1.5 million audience), Inside, Among the living, The father of my chidren


Dominique Frot in the new film by Larry Clark

Larry Clark’s interview, « It’s so fucking good » !
What more …

But anyway, I cast this actor Dominique Frot, as Math’s mother. She only had a few lines, it wasn’t a big scene. But I got this idea, because Dominique is such a great actor. So I took Lukas outside and I talked to him and I told him what to think about and what Dominique was going to say—kind of, because I didn’t know what she was going to say, and she didn’t either. So I told Lukas what to think about when it was happening, and then I got with Dominique and I told her some ideas about what to talk about and what to do in a very general way, and then Dominique came out and I said: “I want you to improv.” And so she goes over to the corner for half an hour, and she puts music on—she’s a piano player also, a classical pianist. She puts her earphones on for literally half an hour with her eyes closed and just stood up and we were ready. And she just went off. We had 11 minutes left on the card, and we shot for 11 minutes with no cuts. And so she was kind of forced to keep going and keep going and keep going and in that one scene she steals the fucking movie, man, it’s so fucking good. We had exactly 11 minutes left, and after seven or eight minutes, she looked at me and said: “Larry we have to cut it, and what am I supposed to do?” And I wouldn’t cut. And I’m biting my hand, because it’s so intense, but I won’t cut. So she had to keep going, and then she really went all out, and it was so incredible what she did, and at the end of the scene when the glass breaks, when she’s trying to give him some wine? The glass actually broke in her hand, there was glass all over the place, right after the glass breaks we ran out of time on the card.
Excerpt from the interview with Nick Pinkerton appeared Film Comment, March 25, 2015

Read the translation of the article by Dominique Frot Road moves life
appeared in Cahiers du Cinema n ° 707, January 2015.



Grand Prize at the Ottawa International Animation Festival 2016
2nd place at the Portland International Film Festival 2017

By Jean-François Laguionie
Co – Produced by Arte France Cinema

After « Le Tableau » that went around the world, Jean Francois Laguionie provides the title role of « Louise by the shore » to Dominique Frot.

Since 2012, Arte France Cinéma co-produces a very single feature-length animation annually. This animated feature film is written and directed by Jean-François Laguionie, he is a co-production JPL Films, Tchack for France and Central Unit for Canada.

History: The last day of summer, an old woman realizes that the last train left without her … She finds herself alone in a small pretty nice resort, but abandoned by all … What is -it happened? The weather quickly deteriorated, high tides occur. But much less than military Robinson, Louise should not survive. The solutions she imagines to hold on and meet a mate, Grandpa, will transform in a radical way…



« The American dream »
After 4 seasons, the series with 4.4 million viewers, coming from Paris,  will land soon in New York with three people, including Dominique Frot.

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